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Case #1: Recurrent Miscarriage
Case #2: Diminished Ovarian Reserve (high FSH & low AMH)

Case #3: Endometriosis and Infertility with IVF
Case #4:  Endometriosis and Infertility without IVF

Case #1: Recurrent Miscarriage

Female 35 years old       Office visit date: June 2002
Main complaint: The patient had tried to conceive for five years. She had three pregnancy losses, secondary infertility for two years.
Western Diagnosis: Recurrent miscarriage, secondary infertility

The patient had two pregnancy losses during her first two years of trying to conceive. After the second D&C, the patient started to see a regular OBGYN doctor and fertility specialist. None of them could find any reason except that the uterine lining was too thin and her menstrual period (MP) flow became much lighter.

The patient started to see Dr. Allan Beer, the most famous Reproductive Immunologist in the U.S.  Eight months prior to visit to my office, the patient had been diagnosed with Category 5 Immunological Problems. She had high NK cells and four other immunological abnormalities. She received two IVIG  and also other immune suppression medication such as Humira.

The patient had her first IVF after the first IVIG treatment, but without success. Three months before visiting my office, she received another IVIG treatment and pregnancy did occur, but ended in miscarriage. To that date, the patient had received six months of immunological treatments. Results of blood tests showed that all other immune factors had gotten noticeably lower, but still not in the normal range, and that NK cells had lowered a bit, but still remained high. After all of this, the patient started looking for alternative help.

The patient appeared a little over weight, with a slightly red and oily complexion. She complained of chest tightness, joint pain, palpitations, easy to feel tired, and a regular but light MP. Her tongue was dark red with a yellow greasy coating. The pulse was thin and a little slippery.

TCM differential diagnosis: Damp heat, especially invading Blood and Chong Ren, with underlying Spleen and Kidney deficiency.
Treatment principle:

            First step: Clear the heat and remove dampness
            Second step: Treat underlying Spleen and Kidney deficiency.

Treatment schedule: Acupuncture treatments twice a week and herbal medicine (raw cooked) twice daily.First visit:
Herbal formula: Wen Dan Tang (温胆汤) plus niu xi, he ye, yi ren, xiang fu four days
Acupuncture points focus on clear the heat and remove dampness

After four days, on her second visit, the patient reported much improvement in all of her symptoms. Her tongue turned a little fresher and the coating was almost cleaned out.

The treatments then moved to step two: Tonify Spleen and Kidney more (60%) and clean dampness and move blood (40%).

She continued with Dr. Beer’s treatments and my herbs for another four weeks. After eight weeks of these treatments, her blood tests came back normal, including NK cells. She then started another IVF cycle, still without success, although the quality and quantity of the embryos seemed good. Further tests showed that this patient’s uterine lining was being attacked by NK cells. According to Dr. Beer, the medication used in IVF was probably making the immune reaction worse, and this case was one of the most difficult cases in their center

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