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Case #1: Recurrent Miscarriage Continued.

One cycle after the IVF, the patient found that she was pregnant and she came to me for acupuncture and herbal medicine right away.

The acupuncture and herbal formulas mainly tonified Qi (Spleen and Kidney) with the secondary aim of improving blood flow and resolving dampness. The patient continued with the herbal formula through 12 weeks pregnancy and also with Dr. Beer’s treatments. Her pregnancy wasn’t smooth, but carried through the whole term. She successfully delivered a health baby girl who is now four years old.           


1,  A good individual treatment plan and a good amount of time for  
                  preparation is very important.

2,  Damp heat in certain cases and certain periods of the time can be a major pattern of immunological recurrent miscarriage, Wen Dan Tang (温胆汤) combined Si Miao San(四妙散)have a good result. Spleen  and Kidney deficiency can still be an underlying major cause.

3, A combination of conventional medicine and Chinese herbal medicine can have a better result for the patient.   

4.   According to research from china, Kidney Yin deficiency can be a  
  major cause of  immunological infertility or miscarriage, (知柏地黄丸) is a good choice too.

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