Case Review
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Case #4:  Endometriosis and Infertility without IVF Continued.

2nd cycle of treatment:
Follicular phase (roughly 1st half of cycle): 40% moving, 60% tonifying
Luteal phase (roughly second half of cycle) 5-10% moving, 90% tonifying

After the first cycle treatment, no more intercourse pain.

3rd cycle of treatment:
Same balance of moving and tonifying as in 2nd cycleIncrease in cervical mucus, decrease in spotting (bleeding only 5-6 days), menstrual blood less dark and clotted.

4th cycle of treatment

Follicular phase: 80% tonifying yin and essence, 20% moving
Luteal phase: 99% tonifying, 1% moving

5th cycle of treatment

During the first six weeks of pregnancy the patient had three episodes of bleeding, fatigue and low back and shoulder pain.  Ultrasound showed a heartbeat and normal blood HCG level.

Herbal treatment: tonify kidney essence and spleen qi, stop bleeding:

: A healthy baby boy.



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